Prime Rentals NRL Footy Tipping Competition

The NRL season is over and the final ladder can now be viewed by logging in here.

NRL fans have been fighting all season long for a share of some of the great prizes on offer through the Prime Rentals Footy Tipping competition.
Through 26 rounds and numerous lead changes, Adam Boston and Wayne Sherry have emerged as equal victors of the Prime Rentals Competition. Both winners ended the season with a tally of 138 points, only 1 point clear of their nearest rivals and equal 3rd placed, Fiona Bruzzi and Rick Green.

Winner Wayne Sherry collecting his prize in the Mackay Office


Winner Adam Boston collecting his prize in the Brisbane Office


Adam and Wayne will both take home a share in the top prizes, ending up with $650 each in winnings! The competition was so close that by the end of the 26 rounds, we also had a tie for 3rd with Fiona Bruzzi and Rick Green both sitting on 137 points at the end of the season. Fiona and Rick will share the winnings of 3rd place both receiving $100 each!
In addition to our overall prize winners, winners from each week of the Prime Rentals Footy Tipping Competitions have received a $20 Gift Card
Weekly prize winners 2016:
Round 1 – Martin Mifsud
Round 2 – Royce Devlin
Round 3 – Jyh Steindl
Round 4 – Shawn Johansen
Round 5 – Marco Otaola
Round 6 – Nikki McPhee
Round 7 – Martin Mifsud
Round 8 – Tony Cowan
Round 9 – Benjamin Betts
Round 10 – Kathy McPherson
Round 11 – Michael Lawton
Round 12 – Mick Nixon
Round 13 – Colin Venn
Round 14 – Adam Boston
Round 15 – Jeremiah Chyba
Round 16 – Kathy McPherson
Round 17 – Andrew Chick¬
Round 18 – Fiona Bruzzi
Round 19 – Shannon Cleary
Round 20 – Andrew Chick
Round 21 – Ben Patten
Round 22 – Kirsty Hill
Round 23 – Mark Brown
Round 24 – Shawn Johansen
Round 25 – Wayne Sherry
Congratulations to all our winners!
Those of you who were a weekly prize winner, please remember to use you Gift Card as supplied.
Thank you for taking part in our tipping competition, we hope you enjoyed it and we wish you all a happy ‘off-season’.