Boom Lifts – Straight Stick Diesel


Straight stick booms allow you up down or straight movement out from ground level. Prime Rentals has straight stick booms with platform heights ranging from 13.72m/45ft – 41.15m/135ft in stock. Also required are hard hat, safety boots, safety goggles, gloves, vest


Multiple height level applications.


Straight Stick Diesel Booms are available at all of Prime Rentals Queensland equipment hire branches. These include: Gladstone, Rockhampton, Bowen, Brisbane, Mackay, Emerald, and Moranbah.

Straight Stick Diesel Booms

Platform Height Working Height Reach Meterage Fuel
 45 ft / 13.72m  15.24m  12.34m  Dsl
 46 ft / 14.02m  15.54m  12.54m  Dsl
 66 ft / 20.12m  21.95m  17.30m  Dsl
 80 ft / 24.38m  26.21m  22.86m  Dsl
 85 ft / 25.90m  27.70m  23.32m  Dsl
 86 ft / 26.21m  27.43m  22.86m  Dsl
 120 ft / 36.6m  38.40m  22.86m  Dsl
 125 ft / 38.1m  39.90m  24.38m  Dsl
 135 ft / 41.15m  42.95m  24.38m  Dsl
 150 ft / 45.72m  47.52m  24.38m  Dsl
 185 ft/ 56.56m  58.36m  24.38m  Dsl

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