Electric Welders


Prime Rentals stock a wide range of portable electric welders for construction, resource, industrial or workshop. Variable duty cycle and current flows including up to a maximum of 600 amps. They can be used for a variety of welding processes, including Stick, Mig Flux Core, Tig and Arc Air Gouging. Wire feeders and remotes can be added to most machines.


Electric Welders are available at all of Prime Rentals Queensland equipment hire branches. These include: Gladstone, Rockhampton, Bowen, Brisbane, Mackay, Emerald, and Moranbah. Contact the team for more information on equipment specification, or for hire enquiries.

Electric Welders

Model AMPS
V350 PRO-5 425
400DC 400
600DC 600
455M/STT 450
Caddy 130
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