The three reasons why generators can save you time and money

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a planned event or job when suddenly the power is cut and the lights go out. There are plenty of reasons that these things happen, but what can you do to power-proof your situation and ensure everything runs smoothly in the lead-up to your job or event and on the day? At Prime Rentals, we can prevent those last minute “uh-ohs” with reliable generators for every work site and occasion. Here are our top three uses of generators:


1. On the Job – If you’re working on a construction project, power tools are definitely your go-to resource. If your site doesn’t have enough available electricity for your teams use, or your power tools are running on battery power, having one or more generators can help you recharge and ensure you are always power-ready. Alternatively, if you’re planning a large event, in the set-up phase you need to ensure everything can run smoothly for an on-time set up. Having a fully functional generator is the one way to make this happen. This is not only a time, but also a and stress-saver in every situation.


2. Backup Power – If you have a large event or urgent job planned, you just can’t trust the weather – especially in Australian storm season. Having a generator at the ready can make a huge difference in your preparedness for any unexpected events. This will ensure your event or job site can have power, even if something goes wrong.


3. Have Fun Outdoors – Whether you are going on a camping trip, planning a large outdoor festival or have a remote job site lined up, generators are a great option to make sure you have backup power. You can provide that extra light to make sure your event is lit up, or hook up to a power supply when you’re off the grid so electricity is easily available when you need it.


At Prime Rentals, we carry a variety of generators that are perfect for many uses at home or on the job site. Give us a call or stop in to one of our 10 branches to inquire about renting a generator for your business or event.