Three reasons to hire equipment for your next job

Here at Prime, we are passionate about our giving our customers the best service in the industry.

If you’ve never rented equipment before, you might not know exactly how much you are missing out on! When you choose Prime Rentals, you are spoilt for choice because we specialise in providing equipment for all of the following industries: Mining, Industrial, Construction, Building and Maintenance. If you’ve ever wondered about hiring equipment, make sure to read our Top 3 reasons to hire equipment for your next job.


1. You never have to worry about replacements. No matter what industry you are in business is hard and very often – hazardous. And the hazard is not only for the people working with the tools, but for the tools themselves. Equipment that is being used on site all day is bound to deteriorate, break, or simply stop working from time to time. If you rent it, then replacing it is a phone call away so you have won’t have prolonged delays, wasting none of your valuable work time.


2. Save money on technicians and engineers. If you have your own equipment, you will definitely need your own repair team. What if something simple breaks down and you have no-one to fix it? You either send it to a specialised repair team, or are forced to buy a new one. If you rent your equipment a repair team is obsolete, saving you money on employees.


3. Much reduced costs in the long run. The fact of the matter is, if you rent a large, specialise piece of equipment, you’ll end up spending a whole lot less than if you buy said equipment – it’s simple math. With Prime Rentals huge catalogue of equipment, you are sure to find the exact product you need to get the job done.

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